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has its origins in both ancestral and futuristic Japan (Beauty divinity / Robot).
It means bright in Chinese.

New Analysis and Observation
Nowadays Asian and Occident

The founder


Caroline Moulin – Founder

After a marketing development experience for luxury beauty brands (Estée Lauder, LVMH), Caroline Moulin discovered design in Desgrippes/Gobé group, as International Beauty and Luxury Director.

A four year stay in Tokyo made her launch her own exclusive design trends company, inspired by her marketing and design background allover the world, and especially in Asia.

With international correspondents, Caroline investigates all about interiors, packaging, retail or brand design to help you understand the best design strategy for your company, brand, market or product concept. Naō is then launching an annual trend report Asian Beauty Design, with a visual synthesis of all travels and exchanges with designers, graphists, and the artistic agency.

Recently Naō has been developing an Arketing  know-how, organizing a partnership with Doors, a cultural and artistic agency based in Beijing, to help brands to collaborate with Chinese artists, for strategic opportunities such as CNY, and organizing some artistic learning expeditions all around Asia.