The reopening of La Samaritaine

We almost believe it!

At first glance, we are amazed by a marvelous facade and a charming esplanade in front of « les quais de Seine ». Then we discover the beauty area in the basement of «La Samaritaine»,which just opened. It is the largest in Europe with 3400 square meters.

And there, we are surprised to come across the big names of Beauty from Asia: SKII, Shiseido, Clé de Peau, Sulwhasoo, …! As much highlited as at Isetan or Shinsegae with multiple details of refinement, we almost feel like being in a «departo » in Japan (with diagnostic and personalization services).

With one major difference: everywhere references to French culture with the outstanding architecture of La Samaritaine, or winks to Paris at Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris, L’Occitane or Louboutin which asserts itself with a wholly Parisian fantasy with columns in Eiffel style.

Therefore a very successful impression of tasting the luxury of global cosmetics in the heart of Parisian charm ! There is also a specific space dedicated to Pure Beauty. A new topic to come ?


If you are in Paris this month, just go to the Bon Marché where Nendo presents his AME OCHI ANA (flowers of the rain) installation until February 16th.

This is a whole new immersive retail experience where you will see :
–  a ballet of rain drops opening and becoming flowers under the main canopy,
– shop windows with design evolution from drops to flowers shapes,
– a meditative installation at the 3rd floor, where you will enter a black space. Take this white luminous path immersed in the world of rainy music. Open your umbrella and you will see on the floor Japanese flowers illustrations (as one drop could make appear a future flower).

A lively and design-oriented metaphor of life where you will definitively enjoy walking in the rain !