Conceptualised from its 2019 Asian travels, Naō Design Trends is glad to share with you its new ‘Asian Beauty Design 2019-2020’ Cahier de Style titled ‘Going forward/ Going backward’ or ‘Jin/Hui (进/回) in Chinese.

« Going forward » or gin in Chinese is, more often than not, considered to be the only path to success. But according to the Taoism philosophy, this fast growth can not be done at the expense of humanity or nature.

This is why, hui or « going backward » is not really about going more slowly but more about finding the balance which can generate harmony or overcome the uprooting created by the fast mutations of cities, digital technology, sciences and society.

The dynamic acceleration at every levels, which is counterbalanced by a return to fundamentals, is influencing Asian designers and artists by creating new vocabularies.

To inspire your teams and infuse them with Asian culture, each theme will be illustrated by shapes, materials, colours, graphism, as well as by iconic masterpieces selected by Art & Culture Doors Agency.

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